Jason R. Jurjevich

A broadly trained human geographer, Jason's research interests focus on the socio-spatial implications of demographic change, with a particular emphasis on mobility and migration. Arriving at Portland State University (PSU) in 2010 to serve as the Assistant Director of the Population Research Center, he also works closely with the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies to explore political, economic, and demographic trends in the Portland metro area. Jason also teaches courses in population geography and applied demographic methods at PSU. Therefore, there is an opportunity to buy articles online conducted by Jason R. Jurjevich. No matter what he deals with, all researches are significant and inspiring.

Greg Schrock

Professor Greg Schrock explores how economic opportunity is shaped in the labor market. His research investigates regional economic change and its influence on local workforce outcomes and social inequality. He studies the effectiveness of programs and institutions for promoting inclusive and equitable economic development.  Prior to coming to PSU in 2010, Professor Schrock worked professionally as an economic development policy researcher in Indiana, Minnesota, and Chicago, and taught at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Since coming to Portland, he has engaged with local public officials and stakeholders to evaluate and analyze policy approaches that promote more equitable local economies.

Jihye Kang

Jihye Kang is a doctoral student in the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at PSU. Her research area is urban economic development driven by arts and cultural sector. She has been interested in how people make a decision on moving and choosing a place to live. She values the role of amenities not only in promoting people’s quality of life but also in increasing region’s capacity to grow: economic growth as well as urban growth to attract and keep more populations. She has Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Her work experience in MSU Center for Community and Economic Development and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency brought her to PSU to find an answer in ways to expand regional economic opportunities by promoting arts and cultural activities.