Welcome to the America on the Move website!

Here, we examine migration trends of footloose Americans and attempt to make sense of how human mobility contributes to the unique cultural, social, and political environments of the nation's largest cities and its rural places and spaces. We often get requests "write my capstone project for me" and ready to assist anyone willing get professional paper.

After completing our doctorates in Tucson, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois, respectively, in 2010 we became new residents of the City of Roses: Portland, Oregon.  One of the things we noticed was the pace of dynamic change that Portland, and many other metro areas across the U.S., were experiencing. 

To explore and better understand how human migration is changing the face of cities across the U.S., over the past 4-5 years we've been crunching census data, as well as talking to people about why they moved.  This site contains various reports that document our findings. 

Jason R. Jurjevich, Ph.D.

Greg Schrock, Ph.D.